A Black anthropologist's poem speaks to anti-Blackness, white supremacy, police brutality and murder, and trans/queer hate and violence.

Many Black people are, and have been, utterly exhausted.

To be “exhausted” means to be in a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue. It indicates an encapsulating tiredness, a weariness, a lack of energy, an enervation, an overwhelming debilitation, a debility, a faintness, a prostration, an enfeeblement, a lassitude.

To be “exhausted” signifies the processual state of being used up, utterly.

Siege” is my attempt to capture a sense of our collective Black exhaustion. It is my attempt to process our Grief. It is my attempt to honor all who we have lost and all who we are losing, and as such, is perpetually incomplete.

To read and appreciate this work in its entirety means to fully read and recognize each name encircling the poem. Nothing less.

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