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Two black and brown triangular stones face each other against a black background and are lit from above.

What Ancient Stone “Swiss Army Knives” Mean

Material Culture
A red bus is parked under a digital street sign that reads “via downtown” and two smaller street signs, each written in a different language.

What Klingon and Other Constructed Languages Reveal

Eight pictures of Queen Elizabeth II at various ages appear on eight monoliths of Stonehenge, set against a dark-blue sky.

Stop Projecting Nationalism Onto Stonehenge

A seated woman with short hair gestures with her hands and speaks into a large rectangular microphone positioned in front of her on a table.

Did Margaret Mead Think a Healed Femur Was the Earliest Sign of Civilization?

Rain falls down a glass window in front of a blurred background of red and yellow lights.

Living With the Prospect of Assisted Dying

A seated woman in green medical scrubs holds a cotton ball and sits in front of a masked patient, who faces her with his arm extended.

Is Donated Blood a Gift or a Commodity?

Culture Lab
Four large ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are engraved on the wall of a temple with columns in the background.

Can Machine Learning Translate Ancient Egyptian Texts?

Lost in Translation
The photo shows a green landscape as seen from inside a cave, with a wooden structure built against the right side of the opening.

What the Discovery of Denisovan Remains in Laos Means

A person with many small, long, black braids tied up and flowing down their back looks out onto the water.

Maize and Okra

A light-brown cross section of a tree shows narrow and wide tree rings.

Tree Rings Are Evidence of the Megadrought—and Our Doom

A mural shows a woman wearing a colorful shirt with a yellow orb around her head surrounded by blue waves, the blue outline of a bird, and the dark-blue figure of the head of a salmon against stars and the moon.

Crystal Worl’s Countermural Tells a Different History of Alaska

A person in a scuba suit hovers underwater above a cluster of large vases covered with algae and moss resting on the sea floor.

Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine

A landscape photo shows brown and green long and short grasses growing in and on top of still water.

Cooking Debris in an Australian Cave Tells a Story of Resilience

Grocery store shelves are shown packed with colorful cereal boxes adorned with cartoon animals and children, as well as labels in Spanish and English.

Do Children Need Special Foods?

An adult and three children stand next to a large beige mammoth skull with a hole in the center and two shiny tusks.

The Deep Human Story of Collecting Fossils

A black script is shown on sepia tone paper with a tear at the top.

What the Vai Script Reveals About the Evolution of Writing

Reddish-brown stone cylinders sit in a square stone courtyard in front of a wall.

Here’s How to Make Olive Oil Like an Ancient Egyptian

Culture Lab
A group of people, some of whom wear white necklaces and white feather headpieces, stand in front of buildings with metal roofs and hold a large, colorful map.

Indigenous Mapmaking, or Bringing a Dead Map to Life

A person with blonde hair and a black-and-white shirt with a fist on it stands among a group of people who wear red robes and white triangular hoods. She holds up a silver blister package of pills and a white box with red writing that says, “Safe abortion with pills.”

We Should Talk More About the Abortion Pill

Two rows of alternating pink and blue circles overlap to create purple half circles across the image.

Biological Science Rejects the Sex Binary, and That’s Good for Humanity

Human Nature
Two yellow gourds painted to look like a frowning man with black hair wearing a blue top and a smiling woman with long black hair and a red and white dress sit on a ledge.

Busting Myths About Sex and Gender

A white temple wall with partially exposed brick is covered with holes. Two red, green, and yellow dragons perch on either side of stairs leading to a blue door.

Haunted by a Secret War

A black-and-white picture shows a woman carrying a baby in a front harness looking at two people examining objects on the floor of a cave under a standing light.

Impossible Choices at the Crossroads of Motherhood and Fieldwork

Field Notes
Three people sit in an excavation pit, working to uncover ancient Nubia, and look back at the camera while three others stand on the sand and approach the platform.

Reinterpreting Life and Death in Ancient Nubia

A colorful illustration shows two hands toasting with beers, people spitting water at each other, a person floating on a yellow tube in the water in front of boats lined up together, and two people laughing.

Unmasked: Illustrating COVID-19 in Okoboji

An older man sits with a younger man inside on teal patterned rugs, both with their hands cupped before them in prayer.

Nurturing Autism Acceptance in Indonesia

In Flux
Four hand shapes are shown on black and brown stone outlined with white paint next to a black, white, red, yellow, purple, and green measuring stick.

The Amazing Archive of First Nations Stories Written on Stone

A person stands outside under a dark-blue, starry sky and looks at the bright screen of their cellphone. A yellow light shines in the distance.

What Is SAPIENS Magazine?


SAPIENS Podcast Season 4 Reflections and Celebrations

An elderly Yaghan woman with shoulder-length black and gray hair wears a purple sweater and stands in a grove of reeds, holding reeds in her hands and under one arm.

The Yaghan Rise Again

A group of people with white tunics and animal pelts on walk up a narrow street. One person holds a flare that gives off a red glow. A person wearing dark clothing photographs the event.

What Do Anthropologists Do?

A long, snaking line ending in a loop connects numerous large, bright white stars from one corner of the sky to the other amid purple, white, and blue stars and clouds in the sky.

The Cosmic Serpent

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