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A landscape photo features dense buildings on a hillside under blue skies, with a mountain range in the background.

What Is Freedom in a Brazilian Favela?

A wooden medicine cabinet on a wooden table displays numerous clear and green medicine bottles.

Finding Mental Health Issues Hidden in the Past

Human Nature
An adult and three children huddle by a grassy hill in the dark with a tall wire fence in the background.

Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis

Human Rights
A photograph features a parade with people in the front holding up gold balloons that spell out “Disney” and those behind holding mouse-head–shaped balloons in rainbow colors.

What’s Behind the Backlash to Lightyear’s Animated Kiss?

A tall, stair-step pyramid of beige stone in the distance towers over other stone ruins, with its top level plateauing just under a light-blue sky with white clouds.

What Ended This Hub of Ancient Maya Life?

A close-up image features an open book with visible text that reads, “Descent of Man.” Around it are a pair of yellow glasses, a hand-drawn schematic, a rolled tie, a harmonica, and a slide rule.

Excavating My Dad’s Life

In front of a window in a dark room, a pen rests on an open notebook on a desk. Yellow sunlight shines through the window and causes a glare.

What Is Anthropological Poetry?

A painting on a wall shows two people holding a basket containing two infants next to a river.

An Archaeology of Personhood and Abortion

Cultural Relativity
A photograph features a rocky landscape white with snow under a light-blue sky.

A Reader’s Question About Surviving the Ice Age


Peeling Back the Myth of a “White” Midwest

A crowd of people gather, with those in the front row reaching out to take green peppers from a pink colander.

Why Do (Some) Humans Love Chili Peppers?

The photograph features a person with a hearing aid sitting next to a person smiling on a couch. They face each other and communicate using sign language.

How Deaf and Hearing Friends Co-Navigate the World

A woman in a forest stands in front of a large tree trunk and looks up at the treetops.

The Problems of Evolution as a “March of Progress”

A bouquet of red roses rests on top of a wooden coffin in a church under a stained-glass window.

We All Love Roses

An illustration in color shows ancient humans painting mammoths on a cave wall.

Did Neanderthals Make Art?

A photo shows a statue of cast metal figures resembling several human beings in a line, most from the chin up, and the center one from the bust up. They all have their eyes closed and arms raised.

How a Coerced Confession Shaped a Family History

A Songhay man carries firewood in a desert and looks down a sandy hill at a mudbrick hut.

Wisdom From the Winding Path

A man wearing a white durag and lime-green tank top props a young boy in a gray T-shirt and jeans on his shoulders while holding a pink rose from a rose bush to his nose.

What the Anthropology of Smell Reveals About Humanity

Human Nature
A close-up shot shows a hand gripping a live bullfrog by its back legs.

Looking Into the World of Frog Gigging

Field Notes
An arched cobblestone corridor with a floor of packed dirt reaches into the distance. Green leafy shrubbery covers the right side of the entryway.

Difficult Truths: Confronting Irish Industrial Schools

Two black and brown triangular stones face each other against a black background and are lit from above.

What Ancient Stone “Swiss Army Knives” Mean

Material Culture
A red bus is parked under a digital street sign that reads “via downtown” and two smaller street signs, each written in a different language.

What Klingon and Other Constructed Languages Reveal

Eight pictures of Queen Elizabeth II at various ages appear on eight monoliths of Stonehenge, set against a dark-blue sky.

Stop Projecting Nationalism Onto Stonehenge

A seated woman with short hair gestures with her hands and speaks into a large rectangular microphone positioned in front of her on a table.

Did Margaret Mead Think a Healed Femur Was the Earliest Sign of Civilization?

Rain falls down a glass window in front of a blurred background of red and yellow lights.

Living With the Prospect of Assisted Dying

A seated woman in green medical scrubs holds a cotton ball and sits in front of a masked patient, who faces her with his arm extended.

Is Donated Blood a Gift or a Commodity?

Culture Lab
Four large ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are engraved on the wall of a temple with columns in the background.

Can Machine Learning Translate Ancient Egyptian Texts?

Lost in Translation
The photo shows a green landscape as seen from inside a cave, with a wooden structure built against the right side of the opening.

What the Discovery of Denisovan Remains in Laos Means

A person with many small, long, black braids tied up and flowing down their back looks out onto the water.

Maize and Okra

A light-brown cross section of a tree shows narrow and wide tree rings.

Tree Rings Are Evidence of the Megadrought—and Our Doom

A person with dark curly hair and a person wearing a black hat lean through and over blue metal bars and use white tools to flatten and smooth painted fabric on a concrete wall.

Crystal Worl’s Countermural Tells a Different History of Alaska

A person in a scuba suit hovers underwater above a cluster of large vases covered with algae and moss resting on the sea floor.

Five Turning Points in the Evolution of Wine

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