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Archaeology Is Having a Great Century So Far

Here's why satellite imagery, lidar scans, ancient DNA analyses, and more are helping scientists break open the past. 

anthropologist parents - When author Sandhya Fuchs (center, at age 6) grew up in India, Bharti (left) and Aarti (right) were like sisters to her, and today she is an “auntie” to their children.


The Gift of a Bicultural Upbringing

Best of SAPIENS 2019

From more than 100 outstanding articles that we published this year, SAPIENS’ editorial team selected our top picks that gave us insights into everything human seen through the lens of anthropology.

anthropology in 2019 - This image shows various views of the pinky bone of a Denisovan-Neanderthal hybrid found in Siberia.


Humans in 2019—From Discoveries to Disasters