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Two adults and two children in brightly patterned clothing carry wooden jugs across a sandy setting scattered with clusters of green grass.

A Somali Archaeologist Is Championing Heritage in the Horn of Africa

Field Notes
A photograph features several stone pillars, some tilting towards others, with etched angular and circular designs on their visible front side. Blue skies and mountains lie in the background.

Heritage Forensics Is Tackling Devastating New Forms of Cultural Erasure

An illustration features a person with a protruding forehead, long brown hair, and a beard wearing an animal skin over their shoulders and holding a wooden spear. A child with similar long brown hair and clothing sits on the person’s shoulders.

The Family Lives of the Last Neanderthals

Directed upward, a photograph features leafy tree limbs covered with orange and black butterflies against a blue sky.

Alive in the Flapping of Infinite Orange Wings

A photograph features numerous light-purple ribbons tied into bows across the surface of a large, green wire fence.

Purple in Cycles

A photograph features a person in a sleeveless top and jeans kneeling on the ground and reaching down into a hole. Other people surround the person, but their faces aren’t visible.

Hunting Down the Facts About Paleo Diets

A black-and-white photograph features the head of a person with patterned face paint and a large headpiece adorned with feathers.

The Aztec Antichrist Chronicles Indigenous Resistance and Religious Conversion

A black-and-white photograph features a stone carving that resembles a person’s face inside of a glass box display.

Aztec Antichrist: A Performance of the Apocalypse

An image features a spiral notebook page against a blurry background of a forest. A paper cutout of a drawing of two people walking side by side stands on top of the paper.

Centering the Voices of Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

With forest in the background, shirtless people with "USA" painted in red on their chests wear a mix of jean and khaki bottoms. Each person holds a long bamboo stick in their left hand, balancing it on their left shoulder. The group steps forward in unison.

What Cargo Cult Rituals Reveal About Human Nature

A close-up image features a hand covered with a white latex glove holding a tiny test tube as it catches drops of small clear liquid from a pipette.

Will a Nobel Prize Make Paleogenomics More Accountable?

A person wearing a blue-and-white-striped headwrap wades calf-deep in water, bending over to harvest long, woody crops planted in rows.

How Can Societies Decolonize Conservation?

A black-and-white photo features a man and child sitting next to another man who sits cross-legged and takes notes. Behind him, a woman also takes notes.

Unsung Native Collaborators in Anthropology

Three human researchers surround a white robot with a screen on its chest. The robot looks up to meet the gaze of one of the researchers.

Why AI Will Never Fully Capture Human Language

A photograph features a yellow grassy field in the foreground and large orange flames, smoke-covered blue sky, person on a tractor, and lone green leafy tree in the distance.

Why Indigenous Fire Management Works

Cultural Relativity
A woman wearing a blue dress stands at a podium with the seal of the U.S. president in front of an American flag and a wall of Zoom images of people.

Derogatory Place Names Need Indigenous Revision

A person holds the handle of a frying pan filled with a yellow stew on a gas stovetop.

Confronting Xenophobia Through Food—and Comics

Field Notes
A black-and-white photo features three baboons near the side of a dirt road. Two look on as a third bends over to drink from a puddle.

Extracting Hominin Evolution From Fossilized Teeth

Children stand in front of video game displays and a large green tractor.

With So Few Farmers, Why Are Video Games About Farming So Popular?

A short-haired person turns their head to their right in front of the horizon, a sun glare shining from behind them.

Was Our Skin Meant for the Sun?

On a sunny day, two people sit on stools under an awning made of wood and cloth. They are facing each other, and one holds a clipboard.

What Is Cultural Anthropology?

A protestor holds a blue, green, and red patterned flag while wearing a face mask with the same pattern.

In Spain, Scapegoating Spikes During the Pandemic

A photograph features three macaques with red faces and beige fur soaking in hot springs as a person takes their picture with a cellphone.

Does “Monkeypox” Give Monkeys a Bad Name?

A person lies in bed next to a smartphone displaying numbers and symbols.

Are Insomniacs Overthinking Sleep?

Cultural Relativity
A photograph features a group of women dressed in green camo uniforms looking toward their right with stern expressions on their faces.

When Women Answer the Call of Duty

A photo features blocks of wood put together in such a way that you can see the rings of the trees they were made from.MirageC/

Misperceiving Life Expectancy in the Deep Past

A landscape photo features dense buildings on a hillside under blue skies, with a mountain range in the background.

What Is Freedom in a Brazilian Favela?

A wooden medicine cabinet on a wooden table displays numerous clear and green medicine bottles.

Finding Mental Health Issues Hidden in the Past

Human Nature
An adult and three children huddle by a grassy hill in the dark with a tall wire fence in the background.

Archaeology at the Borders of the Refugee Crisis

Human Rights
A photograph features a parade with people in the front holding up gold balloons that spell out “Disney” and those behind holding mouse-head–shaped balloons in rainbow colors.

What’s Behind the Backlash to Lightyear’s Animated Kiss?

A tall, stair-step pyramid of beige stone in the distance towers over other stone ruins, with its top level plateauing just under a light-blue sky with white clouds.

What Ended This Hub of Ancient Maya Life?

A close-up image features an open book with visible text that reads, “Descent of Man.” Around it are a pair of yellow glasses, a hand-drawn schematic, a rolled tie, a harmonica, and a slide rule.

Excavating My Dad’s Life

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