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“For the Welfare of the Whole People”: Heritage Stewardship in Indigenous and Black Communities

Local descendant communities and Indigenous nations continue to be at the center of heritage preservation efforts. While their methods are not always recognized by academic or governmental organizations, they employ innovative, culturally appropriate ways of caring for and keeping alive their heritage in all its manifestations. This panel is comprised of leading Indigenous and Black activists, scholars, and community organizers, providing a renewed focus on contemporary conservation practices, history telling, and ways of being in the world.


Erik Denson, Lead Instructor, Diving With a Purpose Maritime Archaeology Program

Frandelle Gerard, Executive Director, Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism

Octavius Seowtewa (A:shiwi), Zuni Cultural Resources Advisory Team

Judy Dow (Winooski Abenaki), Executive Director, Gedakina


Reno Keoni Franklin (Kashia Band of Pomo Indians), Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Estom Yumeka Maidu Tribe


CART captioning provided by Lori Stavropoulos.


Archaeological Research Facility, UC Berkeley

Society of Black Archaeologists

Indigenous Archaeology Collective

Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies


Webinar Series:

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Black and Indigenous Futures in Archaeology