In this final webinar of the series, archaeologists, artists, and cultural theorists turn to questions of what’s next in the struggle for the recognition and promotion of Indigenous and Black life. They ask: How can archaeology, the study of material worlds past and present, help construct new futures? This work will include recognizing the ongoing experiences of cultural genocide and how to sustain ancestral homelands while cultivating new ones for diasporas always in the making. We will explore the intersection of Black and Indigenous communities in the continued fight for justice. Join the conversation to look back and to look ahead.

Simultaneous translations offered in Arabic.


Rae Gould, Ph.D. (Nipmuc Nation), Native American Indigenous Studies Initiative at Brown University

Tao Leigh Goffe, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Africana Studies and Feminist Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Cornell University

Keolu Fox, Ph.D. (Kanaka Maoli), Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

Mohamed Ali, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Archaeology, International University of Africa, Sudan

Grace L. Dillon, Ph.D. (Anishinaabe), Associate Professor of Indigenous Nations Studies, Portland State University


Ayana Omilade Flewellen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology, UC Riverside


Mai el Shamy


CART captioning provided by Lori Stavropoulos.


The Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research

Society of Black Archaeologists

Indigenous Archaeology Collective

Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies


Webinar Series:

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Black and Indigenous Futures in Archaeology