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Over the past year, we have seen renewed organizing amongst Black and Indigenous heritage professionals as well as the emergence of new collectives globally. These efforts have led to new initiatives around capacity building, community engagement, and decolonizing research methodologies. In this panel members of these new and emerging organizations will discuss their genesis, initiatives, as well as challenges and opportunities associated with empowering their communities in archaeology and heritage preservation.*

* com tradução em português


Nathan Acebo, PhD, UC Merced, Indigenous Archaeology Collective

Lewis Borck, PhD, New Mexico Highlands University, Black Trowel Collective

Patricia Marinho, PhD, Technical Advisor for Quilombola Community, Rede de Arqueologia Negra

Jeannette Plummer, British Museum, European Society of Black and Allied Archaeologists


Justin Dunnavant, PhD, Vanderbilt University, Society of Black Archaeologists

Tradutores Portugueses:

Paulo Freire and Emilio Freire


CART captioning provided by Lori Stavropoulos.


Archaeological Research Center – UC Santa Cruz

Society of Black Archaeologists

Indigenous Archaeology Collective

Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies


Webinar Series:

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Black and Indigenous Futures in Archaeology