A Vaccine Will Not Be Enough

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, biological anthropologist Agustín Fuentes explains how the virus is a "biosocial" phenomenon.

SAPIENS host Jen Shannon speaks with Agustín Fuentes, a professor of anthropology at Princeton University, to unpack his insight that the COVID-19 pandemic is a “biosocial” phenomenon. They also discuss his recent suggestion that the virus “is not the only hazard to human health and well-being” right now.


Recently elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fuentes is a decorated anthropologist and an author of many books. His latest is Why We Believe: Evolution and the Human Way of Being.

For more from Fuentes, an excerpt of Why We Believe is available at SAPIENS.org: “How Did Belief Evolve?” Also on SAPIENS.org, he hosted the debate, “Why Are Humans Violent?

Read a transcript of this episode here.