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“The State” Is a Story We Tell Ourselves


  • A large crowd of protestors fills a plaza and the surrounding streets at night. An enormous red and white flag floats over some of the participants.

    “The State” Is a Story We Tell Ourselves

    After a nail-biting election that dragged on for weeks, officials have finally named Peru’s next president. An anthropologist explains the country’s recent upheavals and shows how nation-states are “ideological artifacts” that attribute morality to the amoral goings on of the government.

  • A person crying behind bars and both of their hands reach through the bars. One hand is cupped and the other rests inside of it in a fist to say “help” in American Sign Language.

    Deaf and Incarcerated in the U.S.

    An anthropologist investigates how U.S. prison policies systematically deny deaf incarcerated people adequate access to hearing aids—severely hindering their sensory engagement and quality of life.

  • Artist Peter Williams explores Afrofuturist themes in this painting titled “He Was a Global Traveler.”

    Do Black Lives Matter in Outer Space?

    Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, is ramping up its efforts to inhabit Mars, raising crucial questions about who gets left out of fantasies of space colonization.