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Athletics, IQ, Health: Three Myths of Race


  • Members of a girls’ rugby team pose together with arms linked over each other’s shoulders, starting straight at the camera.

    Consumer Culture Won’t Lead to Body Positivity

    An anthropologist in the U.S., struggling with how the fashion industry shapes her daughter’s self-image, turns to insights about bodies and self-worth from her fieldwork with Indigenous Kichwa women in Ecuador.

  • Three people in red and blue work suits, helmets, and boots walk in a cave.

    The Humans We Haven’t Met Yet

    One anthropologist contends that far too many species have been lumped into one category: Our story is more complicated, he argues.

  • A composite image shows quadrants of four people’s faces combined to make one face. Next to it, the word “race” is written in white letters on a black background.

    Are We So Different?

    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora responds to anti-Black racism and the question of race.

  • A large crowd of protestors fills a plaza and the surrounding streets at night. An enormous red and white flag floats over some of the participants.

    “The State” Is a Story We Tell Ourselves

    After a nail-biting election that dragged on for weeks, officials have finally named Peru’s next president. An anthropologist explains the country’s recent upheavals and shows how nation-states are “ideological artifacts” that attribute morality to the amoral goings on of the government.