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Can Social Scientists Help Control Epidemics?


  • Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform - A poster in an Ebola response center breaks down the evolving response to the epidemic—including efforts to address social and cultural concerns.

    Can Social Scientists Help Control Epidemics?

    New collaborative efforts, such as the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform, are allowing anthropologists and other scholars to help align public health efforts with the on-the-ground knowledge and lived experience of people facing epidemics.

  • Orang Rimba covid-19 - An Orang Rimba man named Nyeruduk stands in front of a tent on a rubber plantation in Sumatra.

    Social Distancing in a Sumatra Rainforest

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orang Rimba, hunter-gatherers in Sumatra’s rainforests, are trying to preserve traditions—including isolating the sick and keeping away from outsiders—despite being displaced from much of their ancestral lands.

  • Imperialism 2020 - Violence and disease have long been intertwined in the Americas.

    How Imperialism Gave Us 2020

    News headlines suggest that the problems of 2020 were unprecedented, but the collision of a pandemic and racial violence is nothing new under imperialism.