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What Does It Mean to be Human? Your Questions, Answered

What Does It Mean to be Human? Your Questions, Answered

The podcast's season 2 finale takes on some difficult, and sometimes funny, listener questions.

In this season 2 finale of the SAPIENS podcast, hosts Jen Shannon, Chip Colwell, and Esteban Gómez field questions from listeners on Twitter and at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science about what it means to be human. They address human origins and self-awareness, discrimination, social media, and more!

You can follow all of our expert guests on Twitter: Agustín Fuentes at the University of Notre Dame (@Anthrofuentes), Daniel Miller at the University College London (@DannyAnth), and Barbara King, professor emerita at the College of William & Mary (@bjkingape).

Mark Shriver, professor at Pennsylvania State University, did a study on human nose shape and climate adaptation that also informed our conversation.

Finally, here’s a link to the nose-picking gorilla photos mentioned in this episode.

Read a transcript of this episode here.

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