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A Hidden Figure in North American Archaeology


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    Guided by the Past

    Hosts Dr. Ora Marek-Martinez and Yoli Ngandali share how they found their way to archaeology and what it means to be Black and Indigenous archaeologists. From defying the status quo in a classroom to diving through sunken ships, Ora and Yoli bring listeners on a journey of reclaiming stories and reimagining history.

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    A person in a light-colored shirt and tie rests their arm on the back of a chair while pressing their hands together and smiling.

    My Tribute to Richard Leakey

    The world-famous paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey passed away in early January. A close friend and colleague remembers his contributions and legacies.

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    A close-up photo shows the cross section of a rectangular wooden plank that is light brown with swirls in the center and dark brown around the outside.

    What a Shipwreck’s Tree Rings Reveal

    In 1629, the Batavia, a ship of the Dutch East India Company, met disaster off the coast of Australia. A new analysis of the shipwreck’s tree rings uncovers how such vessels were built to advance European colonialism.

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    A golden decoration features an animal set upon by lions on three sides.

    The Last Wild Lions of Europe

    Mounting archaeological evidence is revealing that modern lions may have roamed free in Southeastern Europe—overturning long-held assumptions about art and mythology in the process.