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Neanderthals Traversed Vast Distances

Field Notes

  • Scans compare a Neanderthal fossil (at left) to a modern human skull (right).

    Were Neanderthals More Than Cousins to Homo Sapiens?

    These members of the genus Homo have long occupied two different branches on the family tree. But now that researchers think these groups interbred, scholars are giving serious consideration to whether we are the same species after all.

  • mortuary archaeology - The Slavia Field School in Mortuary Archaeology in Drawsko, Poland, unearthed a 400-year-old cemetery.

    Digging up the Dead

    An archaeological field school experience shines a light on the grave concerns people have about the treatment of human remains.

  • Digging Up Woodstock

    An archaeological investigation of the famous festival site unearthed evidence hidden in the haze of memory.

  • Devotees gather for the Sufi ritual of dhikr in downtown Istanbul.

    How Hearts Align in a Muslim Ritual

    An important Sufi ritual brings participants together in a shared experience of trance and movement that actually synchronizes their heartbeats.