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SAPIENS podcast hosts Jen Shannon, Esteban Gómez, and Chip Colwell speak with anthropologists from around the globe to help us uncover what makes us human. Listen and subscribe now to learn more.

The SAPIENS podcast is an editorially independent series supported by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and produced by House of Pod.

Dr. Chip Colwell is the editor-in-chief of SAPIENS, a co-host of the SAPIENS podcast, and the senior curator of anthropology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He has authored and edited 11 books, most recently Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America’s Culture. He currently lives in Denver, but he dreams of moving to Tristan da Cunha with his family and cat adopted from Mexico.


Dr. Esteban Gómez is a visual ethnographer and curator in the department of anthropology at the University of Denver. When he is not co-hosting the SAPIENS podcast, Esteban conducts ethnographic research on the educational and environmental problems affecting youth and established residents in Denver’s gentrified neighborhoods. At home, Esteban works tirelessly to perfect his dad jokes, with the sole purpose of one day embarrassing his son Benjamin.


Dr. Jen Shannon is a museum curator and an associate professor of cultural anthropology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a co-host of the SAPIENS podcast. She is the author of Our Lives: Collaboration, Native Voice, and the Making of the National Museum of the American Indian. Jen is also an avid ultimate frisbee player who embraces the “spirit of the game” and loves passing it on to the high schoolers she coaches.


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