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How Men Stole Civilization


  • Museum objects such as this painting—Frieze of Dancers, by Edgar Degas—may be impressive and beautiful, but they do not constitute civilization.

    How Men Stole Civilization

    For too long, we have failed to recognize the most important elements of a truly civilized society: political wisdom, cooperation, kindness … and women.

  • U.S. President Donald Trump excoriated the United Nations at the 72nd U.N. General Assembly in September.

    Is the United Nations Broken?

    Anthropologists turned the U.N. into a field site. Their studies highlight the U.N.'s fragility, but we shouldn't give up on the organization just yet.

  • postindustrial world - Steel mills were the economic backbone of many cities across the Midwest and Northeast until the 1980s. When the industry left, former workers not only took a hit economically—they also felt displaced and suffered disillusionment and a loss of identity.

    Life and Death After the Steel Mills

    In her study of a community devastated by industry's flight, anthropologist Christine Walley raises questions about how to create and support meaningful work in a postindustrial world.