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SAPIENS features writing by anthropologists and journalist contributors across all fields of anthropology—biological/physical, linguistic, and socio-cultural anthropology, as well as archaeology.

We publish written and multimedia pieces that provide smart and surprising insights into human culture, language, evolution, and history, with the aim of reaching a popular, nonacademic audience. We look for writing that’s witty and fun, fresh and incisive, authentic and down-to-earth. First-person storytelling is preferred, when possible. Our aim is to deepen our readers’ understanding of the human experience through ideas that are grounded in or related to anthropological research, theories, and thinking.

We are editorially independent. We strive to capture the nuance and complexity of anthropology with accuracy, precision, and fairness. Yet we never lose sight of our primary audience—the general public with little or no background in the field—so we work to ensure our pieces are compelling, relevant, and grounded in great storytelling.

We welcome pitches from anthropologists and journalists. We will also consider content that is available for republication and excerpts from newly published books. Authors not under contract with us are agreeing to the site’s Terms of Use upon submission.

We also publish poetry written by anthropologists. Click on the anthropology link below for more information and to submit.

All of our written pieces must be new, original writing, with no portion previously published in any form—unless the piece is explicitly an excerpt, republication, or adaptation, as agreed upon with the SAPIENS editors.

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