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SAPIENS’ vision is to amplify anthropological knowledge to build a more just and sustainable world. Our mission is to deliver trusted, compelling, and relevant anthropology stories to public audiences.

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We are looking for anthropologists and journalists to deepen our readers’ understanding of the human experience through ideas that are grounded in or related to anthropological research, theories, and thinking. Help us demonstrate the value of anthropological knowledge in the wider world.

SAPIENS features writing by anthropologists and journalist contributors across all fields of anthropology—archaeology, biological/physical, linguistic, and sociocultural anthropology. Our stories blend anthropological research and perspectives with rich journalistic storytelling to create a unique public voice about the discipline. Since SAPIENS launched in January 2016, we have had over 10 million readers from every country in the world.

We are editorially independent. We are committed to bringing marginalized voices to the center of conversations and sharing a broad range of human stories with integrity and clarity. We are working to confront what anthropology was, challenge what it is, and dream what it could be.

Whether you are an anthropologist who has never written for the public or an accomplished author, our editorial team offers a thoughtful, collaborative approach that aims to help every contributor deepen their storytelling craft. We also seek contributions from experienced journalists who can bring a critical lens or narrative flair in their storytelling about anthropology. Authors not under contract with us are agreeing to the site’s Terms of Use upon submission.

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