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Culture—Not Genetics—Was More Salient for Anglo-Saxons

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  • An overhead shot of a limestone cave with green vegetation inside. Two people stand near a fence on the right.

    Discovering Africa’s Oldest Burial

    A team of archaeologists are busy learning about human evolution, symbolism, and ritual from the remains of a child laid to rest in a Kenyan cave during the Middle Stone Age—the oldest-known human burial on the African continent to date.

  • Reimagining Rock Art in Southern Africa

    With the help of key contemporary ethnographic texts about modern San peoples, archaeologists are reconsidering the meaning of cave paintings created by ancient San in a new—and sacred—light.

  • Why Losing Bonds Sports Fans

    A study on team loyalty among British football fans shows that the success of the team plays an important role in how strongly supporters identify with one another.