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How to Write an Essay: A Guide for Anthropologists


  • capitalizing Black

    Why Capitalizing “Black” Matters

    SAPIENS supports and adopts the recent change made by many publications to capitalize Black in recognition of the significance of a person or group’s identity—yet, as an anthropology magazine, we must dive deeper into the “myth of race.”

  • what is anthropology - The “study of humanity” applies to many fields, but anthropology looks at people in a unique way.

    What Is Anthropology?

    The broad field of anthropology studies “all things human” in ways that stand apart from sociology, psychology, history, and other areas of the humanities and sciences.

  • capitalize indigenous

    Why Capitalize “Indigenous”?

    The Associated Press Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style do not capitalize the term Indigenous when it is used to refer to people. But SAPIENS does. The editorial team explains why.

  • human remains ethics

    Is It Ever OK to Publish Photographs of Human Remains?

    In many cultures, people consider it unethical, insensitive, and harmful to photograph human remains, much less to make such an image viewable to the public. The SAPIENS editorial team explains its philosophy and approach to handling images of human remains.