• A person stands outside under a dark-blue, starry sky and looks at the bright screen of their cellphone. A yellow light shines in the distance.

    What Is SAPIENS Magazine?

    Launched in 2016, SAPIENS magazine brings anthropology to the public through accessible, thought-provoking, and entertaining stories.

  • A group of people with white tunics and animal pelts on walk up a narrow street. One person holds a flare that gives off a red glow. A person wearing dark clothing photographs the event.

    What Do Anthropologists Do?

    Anthropologists study humans in all our extraordinary history and diversity. Check out this overview of professional anthropology.

  • what is anthropology - The “study of humanity” applies to many fields, but anthropology looks at people in a unique way.

    What Is Anthropology?

    The broad field of anthropology studies “all things human” in ways that stand apart from sociology, psychology, history, and other areas of the humanities and sciences.

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    How to Work With a Developmental Editor

    Writing for SAPIENS and similar magazines involves close collaboration with developmental editors. Here’s how the process works—and what you can do to make the partnership as fruitful as possible.