Writer Guide for Translations

We’re excited to announce that we are expanding your options for offering translations to readers. Whereas we have previously only been able to publish translations in a few Romance languages, we can now bring your work to readers of your choice target language. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity or are interested in sharing your work in another language, please contact Eshe Lewis ([email protected]) to discuss.

Our process:

  1. Send an email to Eshe Lewis to receive a copy of the translation template. Go to the final published article on SAPIENS.org. Copy and paste all elements of the article into the translation template and add the translations in the corresponding spaces.
  2. Return the completed translation template to Eshe Lewis.
  3. The SAPIENS team will have your piece copy edited in the target language.
  4. Eshe Lewis will return the copy-edited version to you for review.
  5. Return any corrections/changes in track changes to Eshe Lewis. Any issues that require discussion will be worked out directly between you and the copy editor.
  6. The final draft will be uploaded and published with a link to the original English publication. You will be sent the link to review the uploaded translation. As quickly as possible, send any corrections to Eshe Lewis.
  7. Once you have approved the final, published version of the translated article, the SAPIENS team will promote it.

Thank you!