• Ethiopia

    A poet-anthropologist from Nigeria recollects the symbolic power of Ethiopia in the time before his country’s independence from Britain in 1960.

  • Horizon No Less Curved

    A poet-anthropologist grafts her story to that of Toutswemogala Hill, an archaeological site in Botswana from Early Iron Age pastoralists who lived in the region from the 600s through the 1800s.

  • Unlikely Blessings Glenn H. Shepard Jr.

    Unlikely Blessings

    When the unthinkable happens, how do we even speak? A poet-anthropologist finds a way through a poem written during his infant son’s chemotherapy treatments, caught in the haunting terrain between hope and despair.

  • Call for Submissions: African and African Diaspora Anthropological Poetry/Prose

    Our team—Christine Weeber (poetry and copy editor at SAPIENS), Justin D. Wright (poet-in-residence at SAPIENS), and Leah Zani (poetry editor at Anthropology and Humanism)—seeks poetry and experimental prose submissions from anthropologists who are of the African diaspora or who are living and working in Africa for a curated collection of 5–8 pieces that will be published at SAPIENS magazine in 2021. Would you be interested in writing an …

  • Arrival Waters Nathaniel Tarn

    Arrival Waters

    A poet-anthropologist’s initial arrival in Guatemala decades ago yielded a new beginning—and a limitless illumination.