• Poetry

    A person with many small, long, black braids tied up and flowing down their back looks out onto the water.

    Maize and Okra

    A poet-anthropologist recollects when Muscogee (Creek) people offered his formerly enslaved ancestors refuge, extending the bonds of kinship.

  • Poetry

    Anti-aircraft missiles leave white contrails in a blue sky above Kyiv, Ukraine.

    Hard Water

    A poet-anthropologist honors World Poetry Day with a piece that imagines alchemizing the suffering and devastation of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

  • Poetry

  • Poetry

    A young child in a blue and yellow winter jacket and red hat sits on the shoulders of an adult in a black jacket as they walk across a bridge next to cars.

    Lessons We Learn

    An anthropologist-poet of the African diaspora holds close family lessons on identity, freedom, and relationship in the midst of an anti-Black society.

  • Poetry

    The view is of rolling hills covered with yellow- and red-leafed trees seen through the front window of a car on the highway.


    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora gives voice to the power of collective memory and place.

  • Poetry

    A dilapidated dark, wooden barn stands in a dandelion field surrounded by grass and trees.


    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora travels from a northern city to his ancestral home in the rural U.S. South—both as a memory and a belonging.