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The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women
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    first female archaeologists - Archaeologist Sada Mire, a visiting professor of archaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, stands at Somaliland’s Dhambalin, a 5,000-year-old rock art site her team discovered in 2007.

    The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women

    Stories of pioneering women in the “digging” sciences have been skewed toward those who were White, wealthy, and networked. The TrowelBlazers project aims to reset our imagination—and our future.

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    Most people find cities to be both enchanting and repulsive—but for better or worse, they have left their mark on us.

    Were We Ever Paleo Perfect?

    Looking back at human history from our polluted, sedentary urban lives, we can easily elevate our Paleolithic past. But was it all we imagine?