Anthropology Magazine

The Emotional Logic of a Black Poetics: Truth, Metaphor, Beauty, Joy


  • Poetry

    A young child in a blue and yellow winter jacket and red hat sits on the shoulders of an adult in a black jacket as they walk across a bridge next to cars.

    Lessons We Learn

    An anthropologist-poet of the African diaspora holds close family lessons on identity, freedom, and relationship in the midst of an anti-Black society.

  • Poetry

    A young protester with curly dark hair and wearing a black shirt raises their fist in front of a group of people holding signs.


    A poet-bioarchaeologist of the African diaspora spotlights the aims of protestors who rise up against anti-Black violence, injustice, and white supremacy.

  • Poetry

    The image shows the dark bottom of a boat floating on the water and the outline of small fish.

    Middle Ground

    A poet-bioarchaeologist of the African diaspora confronts echoes of the Middle Passage in contemporary anti-Black environments.

  • Viewpoint

    A composite image shows quadrants of four people’s faces combined to make one face. Next to it, the word “race” is written in white letters on a black background.

    Are We So Different?

    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora responds to anti-Black racism and the question of race.

  • Fiction

    The image shows a wide shot of tire tracks going straight down the sand on a beach underneath a bright blue sky.

    They’ll Steal Your Eyes, They’ll Steal Your Teeth

    In a fictionalized story based on long-term ethnographic research, an anthropologist of the African diaspora interrogates a history of colonialism, exploitation, racial inequality, power, and types of local talk in Madagascar.