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Looking Into the World of Frog Gigging


  • Field Notes

    A close-up shot shows a hand gripping a live bullfrog by its back legs.

    Looking Into the World of Frog Gigging

    Hunting rituals have long been a focus of anthropological analysis. An ethnographer explores how hunting frogs for meat using gigs, or multipronged spears, is a beloved family tradition in some parts of the U.S. (Content warning: The images and text include graphic descriptions of hunting and butchering animals.)

  • Reflections

  • Poetry

    A person with many small, long, black braids tied up and flowing down their back looks out onto the water.

    Maize and Okra

    A poet-anthropologist recollects when Muscogee (Creek) people offered his formerly enslaved ancestors refuge, extending the bonds of kinship.

  • Excerpt

    A white temple wall with partially exposed brick is covered with holes. Two red, green, and yellow dragons perch on either side of stairs leading to a blue door.

    Haunted by a Secret War

    In a new book of ethnographic fiction on the lingering effects of the United States’ Secret War in Laos, the living must find ways to pacify the ghosts of those who suffered past violence.

  • Podcast

    A swirl of dots converging on the phrase "Our Past is the future" also in a circle.

    Repatriation Is Our Future

    In the SAPIENS podcast season 4 finale, listeners hear the story of Dr. Rachel Watkins and why repatriation matters for African American communities.

  • Borders

    Several women wearing heavy coats push baby carriages on a path at a border checkpoint, with people dressed in uniforms walking behind and next to them.

    The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis’ Double Standard

    The warm welcome Ukrainian refugees have received from neighboring European countries contrasts sharply with the punitive treatment of refugees and asylum-seekers from the Middle East and Africa.