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SAPIENS Podcast Season 4 Reflections and Celebrations

In this live event, a panel of archaeologists and podcasters celebrates the completion of SAPIENS Podcast Season 4 and RadioCIAMS’ SAPIENS Talk Back series.

5 Questions About War Virtually

In this live event, anthropologist Roberto J. González will discuss his new book, War Virtually: The Quest to Automate Conflict, Militarize Data, and Predict the Future.

How to Write an Op-Ed: A SAPIENS Workshop

In this online webinar, SAPIENS’ editor-in-chief Chip Colwell explains the ins-and-outs of writing op-eds or opinion essays for the magazine and its peer publications.

5 Questions About the History of Humanity

In this upcoming free live event, archaeologist and author David Wengrow will discuss his New York Times bestselling book The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity (co-authored with the late anthropologist David Graeber).

Five Questions About Eating Like a Human

In this live interview, archaeologist, primitive technologist, and chef Bill Schindler discusses his new book, Eat Like a Human: Nourishing Foods and Ancient Ways of Cooking to Revolutionize Your Health.

Five Questions About Writing the African Diaspora

In this free live event, anthropologist and SAPIENS poet-in-residence Justin Wright, answers five questions about the African Diaspora poetry and prose project.

Animating Stories of Global Migration

A short film uses evidence-based research to explore how migration connects humans everywhere.

Five Questions for Anna Goldfield

In this upcoming free live event, anthropologist and science communicator, Dr. Anna Goldfield answers five questions about new ideas and…

Five Questions for Gillian Tett

In this free live event, anthropologist and Financial Times editor Gillian Tett answers five questions about her new book, Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life.

Do You Want to Write for SAPIENS?

A free online webinar by SAPIENS’ editor-in-chief Chip Colwell, to learn about how to write for the magazine and its peer publications.