Table of contents
Taking on Parkinson’s Disease—With Boxing Gloves and Punching Bags

In a California gym, people living with Parkinson’s practice noncontact boxing to redefine their experience of the disease and maintain…

Tackling the Wreckage of War

An archaeologist traces how rubble from World War II bombings helped turn London marshlands into a footballing utopia. This article…

Why Shoes Do Not Make the Runner

East African runners wearing “super shoes” have outpaced global marathon records. But the shoe fervor—alongside older stereotypes about African runners’…

What Spider Games Say About Arachnophobia

Many people around the world fear spiders. But in the Philippines, the tradition of spider wrestling often brings people and…

Athletics, IQ, Health: Three Myths of Race

An evolutionary biologist and biological anthropologist break down why differences in human athleticism, IQ, and health can’t be explained by the concept of race.

Surfing in Color

A poet-anthropologist witnesses people of the African diaspora “riding waves across the surfable globe.”

Brotherhood and Anti-Blackness in College Football

As another college football season begins, an anthropologist explores how Black athletes navigate racism by caring for one another on and off the gridiron.

Five Ways Humans Evolved to be Athletes
An archaeologist explores human athletic paleobiology to explain how our prowess in sport has deep roots in evolution.
The Evolution of Throwing

Homo sapiens has a throwing arm that sets our species apart from all others—now athletes are helping anthropologists understand this prowess.

Sexism Still Winning at the Olympic Games

Old ideas about gender are unfairly baked into sporting regulations and guidance. That should change.