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Did an Asteroid Shape This Famous Biblical Story?
Analysis of debris at the site of an ancient city demolished by a cosmic impact has led an archaeologist and his colleagues to theorize the same event destroyed Sodom.
Can Anthropologists Propel Astronauts Toward Mars?

Space anthropologist Jack Stuster has interviewed and observed astronauts for decades. In a Q&A, Stuster tells journalist Amber Dance how he has worked closely with NASA to improve the human experience of space exploration.

Is Space a Human Place?

For millennia, Homo sapiens have looked up at the stars—but only recently have we started to consider what it will be like to live among them.

The Key to Survival, In Space

We already have the tools we need. It’s time to use them.

A Relic of the Past Soars Into the Final Frontier

What object would you choose to send into space?

How to Host an Extraterrestrial

You might be a superb host to human guests, but if an alien showed up on your doorstep looking for some hospitality, would your usual offerings be enough?

American Confederates and the Origins of Archaeology in the Amazon Basin

Southerners who settled along the Amazon River after the Civil War stumbled upon rich soils for their plantations—but they also discovered an even richer past.

Interplanetary Environmentalism (Part 2)

We usually think that exploration and settlement of outer space are all about technological innovation, but we’ll need more than that to do it right.

How Did We Ever Live Without GPS?

GPS is everywhere these days, but if it suddenly disappeared all would not be lost: We’ve been making cognitive maps for eons.

Interplanetary Environmentalism (Part 1)

We’ve already left permanent marks on other worlds. Do we have a responsibility to protect the solar system?