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Looking Into the World of Frog Gigging


  • Field Notes

    A close-up shot shows a hand gripping a live bullfrog by its back legs.

    Looking Into the World of Frog Gigging

    Hunting rituals have long been a focus of anthropological analysis. An ethnographer explores how hunting frogs for meat using gigs, or multipronged spears, is a beloved family tradition in some parts of the U.S. (Content warning: The images and text include graphic descriptions of hunting and butchering animals.)

  • Poetry

    A long, snaking line ending in a loop connects numerous large, bright white stars from one corner of the sky to the other amid purple, white, and blue stars and clouds in the sky.

    The Cosmic Serpent

    With traditional Carnival celebrations throughout Brazil suspended for a second year in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a poet-anthropologist remembers the sweaty pulse of this exuberant street celebration—and zooms out for a broader view of our karmic journey through life.

  • Poetry

    Two people wearing dark clothing hold a green tarp and separate a herd of black, grey, and white reindeer. Snow covers the landscape behind them.

    The Spring a Time for Calving and Cleaving

    A poet-anthropologist joins Sámi reindeer herders in Norway who are preparing for the spring migration. As an outsider, he feels a longing to connect, even as he remains “outside the fences.”

  • Phenomenon

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  • Excerpt

    Five photographs featuring people and rainforest landscapes have been taped to brown paper sitting against a beige background.

    Mourning Kin After the End of Cannibalism

    A Brazilian anthropologist reflects on the death of her adopted father, an Indigenous Wari' man from Amazonia, and what he taught her about mortuary cannibalism and other rituals of grieving.