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The Mysterious Power of Arrogance


  • Stranger Lands

    Trump arrogance - In the community of Urapmin lives a man named Kinimnok—a boastful, loud, and often angry public figure—whose role in society may help us understand some Americans’ love of those who are supercilious and bombastic.

    The Mysterious Power of Arrogance

    Why do overbearing, obnoxious people so often come out on top? What the story of a local celebrity in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea reveals about the rise of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency.

  • Op-Ed

    Trump conflicts of interest - The president-elect has populated “the swamp” with power brokers who are marred by potential conflicts of interest.

    A Field Guide to Trump’s Swamp

    Well before his inauguration, Trump’s incoming administration and Cabinet picks were breaking down definitions of conflict of interest and stretching the bounds of normalcy. Far from “draining the swamp,” Trump has added to it.

  • Expressions

    Dancing “My Humps” in Rural China

    Middle-aged women use private online space to organize their public square-dancing performances. The new technology has changed their dance moves—and their lives.