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The Travesties of India’s Tribal Boarding Schools


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    kalinga institute of social sciences

    The Travesties of India’s Tribal Boarding Schools

    Two researchers argue that India’s large-scale tribal boarding schools revive features of 19th- and 20th-century boarding schools in North America and elsewhere that sought to strip Indigenous peoples of their families, languages, and cultural identities.

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    Kosova or Kosovo - Ruined buildings serve as reminders of the lives lost and displaced by the Kosovo War more than two decades ago.

    Spelling a Nation’s Name

    An archaeologist grappling with the recent history of war and genocide in the Balkans dives into the debate over how to name the territory known as either “Kosova” or “Kosovo.”

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    trump rally hostility - After the 2016 presidential election, supporters of president-elect Donald Trump packed the stadium shown here for a victory rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

    The Casual Menace of a Trump Rally

    As the U.S. closes in on Election Day 2020, an anthropologist remembers the chilling mix of cruelty and cheer he witnessed at a Trump victory rally after the 2016 election.

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    capitalizing Black

    Why Capitalizing “Black” Matters

    SAPIENS supports and adopts the recent change made by many publications to capitalize Black in recognition of the significance of a person or group’s identity—yet, as an anthropology magazine, we must dive deeper into the “myth of race.”