Anthropology Magazine
Why the Camp Grant Massacre Matters Today

Vigilantes attacked a peaceful encampment of Apache people in Arizona 150 years ago. Now their descendants are fighting to protect their homeland from a proposed copper mine at Oak Flat.

Stop Erasing Transgender Stories From History

Remembering that human sex and gender lie across a spectrum in the past is vital to curbing violence toward gender-nonconforming people today.

What Is Vaccination Equity?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout now underway, some immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers are being left behind.

The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women

Stories of pioneering women in the “digging” sciences have been skewed toward those who were White, wealthy, and networked. The TrowelBlazers project aims to reset our imagination—and our future.

How Scientific Taxonomy Constructed the Myth of Race

Botanist Carl Linnaeus’ classification system has been adopted around the globe—but have we adequately reckoned with how his ideas about humans laid the groundwork for scientific racism?

What Does the American Dream Have to do With the COVID-19 Vaccine?

An anthropologist explains how conspiracy theories and recent protests in the U.S. over COVID-19 vaccines can’t be untangled from American dreams of freedom and prosperity.

Stop Destroying African American Cemeteries

Highways, factories, and other development projects across the United States are threatening the sacred spaces of African American cemeteries. An archaeologist looks to new Congressional action to stop the destruction.

Anarchism in Practice Is Often Radically Boring Democracy

Anarchists have been an easy scapegoat for violent events in recent months. But anarchism, as a political philosophy, is fundamentally about collective deliberation and responsibility.

Bridging the American Cultural Divide

As Americans stand on the footbridge to the future, an anthropologist advises people to take a deep breath, seek wisdom from their elders, and be patient for cultural change.

What Makes Vaccines Social?

Some people are wary of or may refuse vaccines. Social scientists are part of a movement to encourage self-empowerment to end the current pandemic.