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With So Few Farmers, Why Are Video Games About Farming So Popular?

An archaeologist considers what farming simulators reveal about humanity’s ancient and evolving relationship with agriculture. ✽ “I hate when I…

The Very Modern Problem of Human Slavery

An estimated 40 million people are enslaved around the world. Raising awareness will help people move from victims to survivors.

America’s Postindustrial Futures

The current administration’s controversial “America First” trade policies have tapped into a pervasive feeling of abandonment across the postindustrial United States. But not all former factory workers are interested in reviving American industry.

Secrets of a Brothel Privy

The outhouse of a 19th-century Boston brothel might not be the first place you’d think to look for revealing clues about the past—but maybe it should be.

Life and Death After the Steel Mills

In her study of a community devastated by industry’s flight, anthropologist Christine Walley raises questions about how to create and support meaningful work in a postindustrial world.

How Our Modern Lifestyles Perpetuate Slavery

“Human trafficking” brings to mind sex slavery and extreme human rights abuses. But an equally pernicious, lesser-known form of slavery persists in the U.S. and elsewhere.