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    A young child with black hair and a blue cloth over their body scrunches their face as someone uses a white comb and white scissors to cut their hair.

    Untangling Race From Hair

    One anthropologist has made it her mission to remove racial prejudices from the study of hair and find the evolutionary roots of hair diversity.

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    A swirl with the phrase "Our Past Is Our Future" in the center.

    At the Heart of It All

    In the third episode of season 4 of the SAPIENS podcast, an archaeologist and community historian share the difficult stories of identifying and protecting unmarked graves at Indigenous boarding schools and a historic African American cemetery threatened by development.

  • Crossroads

    An elderly woman with short brown hair and glasses wearing a blue, black, and white shirt stands in front of a portrait of a seated woman wearing a blue dress in front of pink curtains in Cyprus.

    A Lens on Cyprus Reunification

    An anthropologist walks around the circumference of this Mediterranean island, photographing people separated by political conflict and reflecting on the ties that bind divided communities.

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    Redrawing the Boundaries

    The second episode of season 4 of the SAPIENS podcast features stories about what it means to unearth African history on the Caribbean island of St. Croix and why Black archaeologists are searching for sunken slave ships.