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    For many centuries, bison was served as a primary meat source for Native populations, including the Blackfeet tribe in present-day Montana.

    Meat Culture

    You might have heard: The Obama administration released its new Dietary Guidelines for Americans in January to an outcry. While the new rules tell us to limit our sugars, they do not directly advise less meat consumption (as originally proposed by the federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee). Health and environmental activists are accusing the government of caving to the meat industry—allowing politics to interfere with American health. But …

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    Health in a Rwandan Hospital Garden

    Hospitals have many tools at their disposal. A garden is not typically one of them (not in the healthcare system I am accustomed to in the United States, anyway). When I traveled to Rwanda last year on a fellowship through the International Women’s Media Foundation, I found a hospital treating malnutrition with compost and garden hoes. The Rwinkwavu District Hospital sits among an expanse of farmlands in eastern …

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    neanderthal DNA - Humans and Neanderthals interbred about 50,000–60,000 years ago. The genetic legacy of those liaisons, including possibly depression, is only now coming to light.

    I’ve Got the Neanderthal Blues

    New research suggests that depression risk, smoking addiction, and other health and cognitive traits may be partially shaped by the Neanderthal DNA that persists in modern humans.

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    Food Is Health

    Food is health. I’ve known it since I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when I was a baby. His disease was both hereditary—he’d grown up watching his father jab himself with a needle every day—and dietary. “I was overweight, by quite a bit,” my dad recently told me. “Probably one of my biggest downfalls was cheese—used to eat an awful …

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    To Tell or Not to Tell

    The lives of two South African sisters infected with HIV reveal the difficulties international aid organizations have grasping subtle cultural differences.