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Lao Camp Food (Part 2)


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    Lao Camp Food (Part 2)

    A bomb clearance team in Laos eagerly buys bush meat from local hunters. Then they realize they're eating threatened and endangered species.

  • Origins

    Labor Pains and Helpless Infants: Eve or Evolution? (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this post, we discussed two explanations for difficult childbirth and helpless babies: the Fall and the obstetrical dilemma (OD) hypothesis. Both have their weaknesses. Let’s consider another evolutionary-minded explanation, apart from the OD. For humans, the birth process begins at the same time that pregnancy reaches a critical metabolic threshold. This suggests there is a connection between the two. As a fetus develops and …

  • Viewpoint

    Anorexia’s Deadly Deceit

    Anorexia is not just about striving for an idealized body image. It is an obsessive, relentless—and futile—quest to be pure, perfect, and clean.

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  • Wayfinding

    Spaces of Waiting

    The work of a medical anthropologist offers a window into the world of Nigerien women who live with obstetric fistula.

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