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The Myth of Badass Sperm

We’ve all been taught that human fertilization is an Olympic-style competition. The truth is that it’s much more like a gigantic lottery.

Ancestry Tests Pose a Threat to Our Social Fabric

Commercial DNA testing isn’t just harmless entertainment. It’s keeping alive ideas that deserve to die.

Hepatitis B Viruses Discovered in Ancient Human Remains

New findings shed light on the origin and evolution of these stubborn pathogens.

Humanity’s Story Has No End of Surprising Twists

Recent discoveries, and new analyses of old evidence, are revolutionizing the way scientists look at human history.

Baby Fat Is About More Than Cuteness

At birth, human infants have the highest percentage of body fat of any species. Here’s why.

Can Medical Anthropology Solve the Diabetes Dilemma?

As the number of sufferers continues to rise, some researchers are moving in new directions to figure out how culture and lifestyle shape disease outcomes.

How Molecular Clocks Are Refining Human Evolution’s Timeline

Scientists are getting better and better at using DNA to figure out when key evolutionary events happened.

Schizophrenia’s Tangled Roots

As an increasingly complex picture of schizophrenia emerges, researchers are recognizing that a more individualized and humane approach is needed to better understand and treat the condition.

Is Violence Embedded in Our DNA?

Some research suggests that throughout our evolution an innate tendency toward fighting shaped human anatomy. But anthropologists are sharply divided on the matter.

What Role Did Autism Play in Human Evolution?

Traits we often tend to disparage were—and arguably still are—critical to human communities.