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The First Butchers


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  • In Flux

    The 18th- and 19th-century fur trade wiped out British Columbia’s sea otter population. The sea otter’s successful recovery today has led to a decline in shellfish in areas where the otters thrive, causing a crisis in sustainable fishing.

    Seafood Fight

    Indigenous peoples on the coast of British Columbia share a deep history with sea otters. But can the two coexist peacefully today?

  • The Human Palate

    Health in a Rwandan Hospital Garden

    Hospitals have many tools at their disposal. A garden is not typically one of them (not in the healthcare system I am accustomed to in the United States, anyway). When I traveled to Rwanda last year on a fellowship through the International Women’s Media Foundation, I found a hospital treating malnutrition with compost and garden hoes. The Rwinkwavu District Hospital sits among an expanse of farmlands in eastern …

  • The Human Palate

    Food Is Health

    Food is health. I’ve known it since I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when I was a baby. His disease was both hereditary—he’d grown up watching his father jab himself with a needle every day—and dietary. “I was overweight, by quite a bit,” my dad recently told me. “Probably one of my biggest downfalls was cheese—used to eat an awful …