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Grass Trilogy


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    Ochirbatyn Dashbalbar

    Grass Trilogy

    Three poems by Mongolian author Ochirbatyn Dashbalbar, translated by a poet-anthropologist, offer timeless celebrations of life on Earth.

  • Poetry

    grass trilogy

    Introduction to Grass Trilogy

    SAPIENS celebrates Earth Day 2020 with a poet-anthropologist’s translations of three rapturous poems by Mongolian author Ochirbatyn Dashbalbar.

  • Crossroads

    climate interactive

    How to Make Climate Change Feel Real

    On Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, anthropological research reveals how complex, global problems can be made tangible through experience, empathy—and play.

  • Crisis

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    Sámi reindeer herders


    Like smoky spirals, two cultures weave together in a SAPIENS contest-winning poem by an anthropologist who worked with Sámi reindeer herders in the Arctic Circle.

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    anthropological poems

    Why Poetry + Anthropology?

    SAPIENS’ first poetry contest received dozens of remarkable entries. A total of five winning poems will be featured for World Poetry Day in March and National Poetry Month in April. Find out why we think anthropological poetry matters.