• Unearthed

    A golden decoration features an animal set upon by lions on three sides.

    The Last Wild Lions of Europe

    Mounting archaeological evidence is revealing that modern lions may have roamed free in Southeastern Europe—overturning long-held assumptions about art and mythology in the process.

  • Reflections

    A black-and-white photo shows swirling winds and a bolt of lightning striking over open fields.

    A Window on Humanity’s Turbulent 2021

    The SAPIENS editorial team looks back at the year through an anthropological lens—and closes with a roundup of some of our favorite pieces published in the magazine in 2021.

  • Marketplace

  • Dwelling

    The sun hangs low over a wide, snowy field with trees, houses, cows, and a dog in the distance.

    The Sisters of Loretto Share a Kinship With the Earth

    An anthropologist looks to a religious community of women in rural Kentucky for scientifically informed lessons in land stewardship. Could they be a model for activists and policymakers to move beyond partisan approaches to climate change?

  • 5 Questions About Eating Like a Human

    In this live interview, archaeologist, primitive technologist, and chef Bill Schindler discusses his new book, Eat Like a Human: Nourishing Foods and Ancient Ways of Cooking to Revolutionize Your Health.

  • Dwelling

    Brown and white horses graze on snow-covered grass in an open field under a white sky.

    We All Live on Permafrost

    Thawing permafrost isn’t just a problem facing the Arctic. An anthropologist who works with Indigenous communities in Siberia argues that the way to turn around climate catastrophe is by engaging all knowledge systems.