• Poetry

    Arrival Waters Nathaniel Tarn

    Arrival Waters

    A poet-anthropologist’s initial arrival in Guatemala decades ago yielded a new beginning—and a limitless illumination.

  • Crossroads

  • Poetry

    El Pedregal Poem

    Heart of Stone

    An anthropologist-poet reflects on the stories that spiral on a lava field near Mexico City named El Pedregal, asking what it means to be a part of the Earth.

  • Field Trips

  • Crisis

    Orang Rimba covid-19 - An Orang Rimba man named Nyeruduk stands in front of a tent on a rubber plantation in Sumatra.

    Social Distancing in a Sumatra Rainforest

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Orang Rimba, hunter-gatherers in Sumatra’s rainforests, are trying to preserve traditions—including isolating the sick and keeping away from outsiders—despite being displaced from much of their ancestral lands.