Anthropology Magazine
Impossible Choices at the Crossroads of Motherhood and Fieldwork

Two anthropologists who’ve conducted fieldwork while being pregnant or new moms bravely share their personal experiences and call for family-friendly work cultures that align with human evolution.

Unmasked: Illustrating COVID-19 in Okoboji

An anthropologist and comic artist collaborated to bring to life the cultural squabbles and social complexities of the first pandemic year in Okoboji, a tourist town in northwest Iowa.

5 Questions About War Virtually

In this live event, anthropologist Roberto J. González will discuss his new book, War Virtually: The Quest to Automate Conflict, Militarize Data, and Predict the Future.

Consumer Culture Won’t Lead to Body Positivity

An anthropologist in the U.S., struggling with how the fashion industry shapes her daughter’s self-image, turns to insights about bodies and self-worth from her fieldwork with Indigenous Kichwa women in Ecuador.

The Hard Labor That Fuels the Hair Trade

Anthropologists are studying the global supply of human hair—a billion dollar industry for wigs, weaves, toupees, and more—that relies on hair pickers who gather discarded strands from streets and drains to make ends meet.

When Carbon Credits Drive People From Their Homes

The Alto Mayo Conservation Initiative in Peru is supposed to be an environmental success story. On the ground, it is mired in conflict.

Do Things Have to Be This Way?

In The Dawn of Everything, archaeologist David Wengrow and the late anthropologist David Graeber question the West’s most deeply entrenched—and often damaging—assumptions about human nature and society.

How Will We Remember Coal?

Anticipating a new energy future, an anthropologist returns home to contemplate what lessons we will learn from the coal industry’s material remains and monuments.

Brotherhood and Anti-Blackness in College Football

As another college football season begins, an anthropologist explores how Black athletes navigate racism by caring for one another on and off the gridiron.

Introducing the Other “AI”: Anthropology Intelligence
Anthropologist and journalist Gillian Tett explains the surprising ways anthropological methods and tools can help us better understand the contemporary world.