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The Dark Side of Skin Whitening


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    skin whitening - Salons like this one in Johannesburg, South Africa, offer facials that make use of skin lightening products.

    The Dark Side of Skin Whitening

    A desire for lighter skin tones is deeply entrenched in many parts of the world, but it comes with equally deep risks to health and society.

  • Decoded

    People turn to experts—such as shamans who read chicken intestines or specialists who monitor financial markets—for insights into the mysteries that surround them.

    Why Shamans Stand Apart

    Modern-day shamans in a variety of sectors appear to tame uncertainty by embracing their otherness.

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    The Illusion and Peril of Food “Choice”

    It’s easy to blame obesity, diabetes, and other conditions on people’s poor diets. But the real culprit is multinational corporations that profit from limiting our food choices.

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    Tax - In Cochabamba, Bolivia, people’s acceptance of taxes owed varies widely.

    Tax Season Woes Have Complex Roots

    From Bolivia to the U.K. to Sweden, how people perceive their financial relationship with the state depends on everything from local culture—and history—to what the taxes and benefits are called.

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    where does quinoa come from

    What’s the Cost of Quinoa?

    Many had hoped that quinoa production would lift farmers out of poverty and rehabilitate a war-torn nation—but the state of this seed remains uncertain.

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    Frank stands at the site of his last job, which was at a chemical company.

    America’s Postindustrial Futures

    The current administration’s controversial “America First” trade policies have tapped into a pervasive feeling of abandonment across the postindustrial United States. But not all former factory workers are interested in reviving American industry.