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Solving a Riddle About the Dawn of Art


  • Unearthed

    Atxurra cave art - Figures of horses in the Atxurra cave system in Spain astounded archaeologist Diego Garate, who shines his headlamp on this previously unknown panel of artwork.

    Solving a Riddle About the Dawn of Art

    New tools, partnerships, and investigations into a regional “hole in the map” are helping to fill in the picture of Paleolithic art in Spain's Basque Country.

  • Reflections

    In the oasis of his studio, Constantin Brâncuși revolutionized sculpture by drawing out the “being that is within matter”—the cosmic essence or spirit that exists underneath the surface.

    Wisdom Without a Country

    An encounter with a famous sculpture by Constantin Brâncuși raises questions about family, nationalism, and belonging; the role and refuge of art; and whether a country can ever recover from authoritarianism.

  • Curiosities

    Prison art - “Prisoners,” a sculpture by Vasily Konovalenko, depicts the harsh reality of Soviet labor camps during Joseph Stalin’s rule.

    Capturing the Art of Imprisonment

    The faces of Soviet-era prisoners in a famous sculpture speak volumes about the brutal circumstances that millions experienced under Joseph Stalin. But what of prisoners today in the U.S.?

  • Viewpoint

    Native American design

    Native by Design

    Indigenous people in the U.S. are increasingly challenging widespread stereotypes as well as the practice of cultural appropriation.

  • Curiosities

    culture time

    The Long Count

    How we memorialize significant events says a lot about our perception of time.

  • Curiosities

    In Ohio in the early 1920s, archaeologists excavated a beautifully stylized effigy hand that was made from a single sheet of mica.

    Is a Hand Wave a Universal Greeting?

    Whether across the expanse of thousands of years or alongside a river, the hand wave is a gesture that holds social meaning. But has it always been used as a positive greeting?