• Poetry

    Line of Control

    i. will. cross.

    In a SAPIENS contest-winning poem by a Kashmiri anthropologist, the threats posed by crossing the Line of Control, a highly militarized de facto border, are faced down by a lover of freedom.

  • Poetry

    anthropological poems

    Why Poetry + Anthropology?

    SAPIENS’ first poetry contest received dozens of remarkable entries. A total of five winning poems will be featured for World Poetry Day in March and National Poetry Month in April. Find out why we think anthropological poetry matters.

  • Poetry

    world poetry day

    The Fish Trap

    SAPIENS celebrates World Poetry Day with a poem by an anthropologist-poet who works with Indigenous peoples in Latin America.

  • Curiosities

  • Field Notes

    Digging Up Woodstock

    An archaeological investigation of the famous festival site unearthed evidence hidden in the haze of memory.

  • Curiosities

    In this undeveloped section of Rio Rancho Estates, New Mexico, roads have been cut, but virtually no homes have been constructed for decades.

    A Tale of Two Ruins

    New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon showcases magnificent structures that were built on ingenuity. By contrast, the state’s Rio Rancho Estates was built on fraud.