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What Ancient Goat Teeth Reveal About Animal Care

Unraveling a mystery around millennia-old goat bones, an archaeologist reflects on the harm people can cause their most cherished animals.…

Neighborliness Matters to Your Health

Drawing from cross-cultural research, an anthropologist shows how neighborliness can lessen wealth-based health disparities. DOES GOOD HEALTH REQUIRE WEALTH? The…

A Native Alaska Community’s Reckoning With Vaccine Hesitancy

An anthropologist’s research with Tlingit communities in Alaska shows they have good reasons to be skeptical about vaccines. They know…

Does “Monkeypox” Give Monkeys a Bad Name?

The debate over naming the virus known as monkeypox says a lot about the close—but fraught—relationships between humans and our…

Misperceiving Life Expectancy in the Deep Past

An archaeologist explains that most people do not calculate life expectancy correctly. This leads to misunderstandings. This article was originally…

No, “Racial Genetics” Aren’t Affecting COVID-19 Deaths

The coronavirus pandemic is unequally affecting minority communities in the U.K. and the U.S. Racism, not race, explains the disparity.

Why Are Sports Fans So Bereft Without Live Games?

Two anthropologists and diehard sports enthusiasts reflect on why documentaries and draft coverage only go so far in filling the void amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Preppers and the Pandemic

Were preppers more prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic than others? The SAPIENS podcast turns to an anthropologist on the inside of the preppers movement to find out.

COVID-19 and the Turn to Magical Thinking

From bogus miracle cures and dangerous conspiracy theories to powerful shows of weaponry, across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic is evoking all manner of magical thinking.

Coronavirus Is Killing the Hope of Asylum

The pandemic has deepened the crisis for the millions of migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers who have nowhere to turn in the face of closed ports and seas emptied of rescue boats.