• When Doctors Don’t Listen

    An anthropologist with chronic Lyme disease has seen firsthand the perils of the Western world’s dysfunctional approach to treating misunderstood diseases.

  • metoo silence - On December 9, 2017, #MeToo ralliers in New York City, many of whom are survivors of sexual violence, took a stand against prominent men who have reportedly committed violence against women. A number of participants also voiced their experiences of rape and sexual assault.

    Letting Silence Have a Voice in #MeToo

    Storytelling plays a vital role in addressing sexual assault, but what of the safety and well-being of survivors—both those who speak out and those who don't?

  • When Gaming the System Is the Only Way to Parenthood

    Prospective parents often panic about the suitability of their homes, staging their lives and houses for inspection to comply with a host of unwritten rules. Very little of this helps get children into loving families.

  • indigenous midwives mexico

    How Natural Birth Became Inaccessible to the Poor

    While Mexico’s middle and upper classes are discovering the wonders of natural birth, traditional Indigenous midwives are actively being discouraged from providing the same services to the lower classes.

  • charlottesville violence - White supremacists surrounded counterprotesters at the University of Virginia campus on August 11.

    Three Lessons I Learned From Charlottesville

    The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, likely won’t be the last attempt by white supremacists to stoke racial conflict. An anthropologist offers insights to other communities that might face similar challenges.

  • death and dying

    Death and Dying 101

    A study of cross-cultural attitudes toward mortality can help young people accept death as a part of life.