• Arrival Waters Nathaniel Tarn

    Arrival Waters

    A poet-anthropologist’s initial arrival in Guatemala decades ago yielded a new beginning—and a limitless illumination.

  • El Pedregal Poem

    Heart of Stone

    An anthropologist-poet reflects on the stories that spiral on a lava field near Mexico City named El Pedregal, asking what it means to be a part of the Earth.

  • Humo ludens collaborans

    dear gretas

    An anthropologist offers a letter-poem for the pandemic era to environmental activist Greta Thunberg—and to the rest of us—while re-envisioning our species as Humo ludens collaborans (humorous playful collaborators).

  • One

    An anthropological poem journeys to the eye of the storm to understand how “race” has no biological basis—and is instead rooted in discrimination. What future for our species?