• This profile shows a young protestor wearing a large, round, gold earring with a cutout of the African continent and two multicolored headwraps.

    The Voice of Diaspora

    A poet-archaeologist of the African diaspora encourages seeing the multiple meanings of identities and being open to interpretation.

  • The view is of rolling hills covered with yellow- and red-leafed trees seen through the front window of a car on the highway.


    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora gives voice to the power of collective memory and place.

  • The image shows the dark bottom of a boat floating on the water and the outline of small fish.

    Middle Ground

    A poet-bioarchaeologist of the African diaspora confronts echoes of the Middle Passage in contemporary anti-Black environments.

  • A dilapidated dark, wooden barn stands in a dandelion field surrounded by grass and trees.


    A poet-anthropologist of the African diaspora travels from a northern city to his ancestral home in the rural U.S. South—both as a memory and a belonging.

  • A black sign with white letters is on the left beside a grove of tall trees and the moss-covered ruins of a building.

    When Asked if the World Would End They Answer No

    An Indigenous anthropologist-poet visits Woody Island in Alaska, formerly the site of the Kodiak Baptist Orphanage in the early 20th-century, where her great-grandfather lived before being sent to the Carlisle Indian School.