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Chasing the Myths of Mexico’s “Superrunners”


  • Men and women in bright, colorful clothing run across sands at night, carrying torches.

    Chasing the Myths of Mexico’s “Superrunners”

    The Rarámuri people’s ancient traditions of footracing have captured global attention. New research by a biological anthropologist and his colleagues debunks stereotypes and contextualizes the community’s famous races.

  • coronavirus mask - A discount market on Penang Island, Malaysia, displays a face mask on a mannequin. Surgical masks are unregulated and provide minimal protection from pathogens.

    Why Face Masks Are Going Viral

    As the new coronavirus epidemic spreads, more and more people are wearing surgical masks—despite their questionable effectiveness. An anthropologist explores the reasons why.

  • eat bugs

    Why Don’t More Humans Eat Bugs?

    Around the world, at least two billion people routinely consume insects. One anthropologist believes geography and colonization can explain why some populations are too squeamish to stomach such foods.