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The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women


  • first female archaeologists - Archaeologist Sada Mire, a visiting professor of archaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands, stands at Somaliland’s Dhambalin, a 5,000-year-old rock art site her team discovered in 2007.

    The Untold Stories of Archaeology’s Women

    Stories of pioneering women in the “digging” sciences have been skewed toward those who were White, wealthy, and networked. The TrowelBlazers project aims to reset our imagination—and our future.

  • African-American cemeteries destruction - A gravestone in the Morningstar Tabernacle No. 88 Cemetery in Cabin John, Maryland.

    Stop Destroying African American Cemeteries

    Highways, factories, and other development projects across the United States are threatening the sacred spaces of African American cemeteries. An archaeologist looks to new Congressional action to stop the destruction.

  • Arctic sea ice is breaking up and melting as the world’s atmosphere and waters warm.

    Partnering With Nonhumans for Climate Action

    Geoengineering plans to save Arctic ice tend to treat technology as a means for asserting human control over the environment. Instead, we should develop human-nonhuman partnerships to tackle climate change.

  • CDC social science

    The CDC Needs Social Science

    Sickness is not just biological­­—it’s social. That’s why social science should be central to controlling and preventing diseases.

  • kalinga institute of social sciences

    The Travesties of India’s Tribal Boarding Schools

    Two researchers argue that India’s large-scale tribal boarding schools revive features of 19th- and 20th-century boarding schools in North America and elsewhere that sought to strip Indigenous peoples of their families, languages, and cultural identities.