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In Deforestation’s Wake, Wild Animals Turn Troublesome

In Flux

  • Fiji’s human history is directly linked to the ebbs and flows of climate change—particularly of sea level rise. Throughout the Pacific Islands, fluctuating environmental conditions resulting from changing sea level have historically resulted in conflict with neighbors.

    Climate Wars

    On Fiji’s islands, shifting sea levels have left a tangled legacy of conflict and survival. We should take note.

  • The 18th- and 19th-century fur trade wiped out British Columbia’s sea otter population. The sea otter’s successful recovery today has led to a decline in shellfish in areas where the otters thrive, causing a crisis in sustainable fishing.

    Seafood Fight

    Indigenous peoples on the coast of British Columbia share a deep history with sea otters. But can the two coexist peacefully today?

  • A Flower and a Way of Life in Peril

    Prized—and increasingly rare—bouquets of an enchanting flower from Brazil’s mountainous heartland pit collectors against conservationists.