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Do Children Need Special Foods?


  • Grocery store shelves are shown packed with colorful cereal boxes adorned with cartoon animals and children, as well as labels in Spanish and English.

    Do Children Need Special Foods?

    An anthropologist slices through myths about “picky” eating and the biological necessity of kids’ foods, and reimagines ways to feed future generations.

  • A person in a red shirt points out a spot to a group of people standing among dry grasses and rocks.

    Does DNA Simplify or Complicate Repatriation Claims?

    A restitution effort in South Africa illustrates the challenges to scientists, policymakers, and living descendants as they navigate the complex repercussions of genetic analysis for unethically obtained human remains.

  • Rays of sunlight shine down over hills covered in lush green foliage.

    Lessons From Mars—and Jamaica—on Sovereignty

    The billionaire space race thrives on romantic ideas of colonizing “the last frontier.” An anthropologist looks to Jamaican histories of colonization to show why such narratives are so dangerous—and offers an alternate vision of Black freedom in the Sovereign State of Accompong.

  • In Andean countries such as Peru and Bolivia, locals and tourists drink mate de coca, a tea made from coca leaves, to stave off altitude sickness.

    The Double Life of Coca

    In South America, countries struggle to protect traditional uses of coca while decreasing its currency in the addiction- and crime-addled cocaine trade.