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How Real Are You on Facebook?


  • Identities

    Online Identity - Social media sites create relationships of access. A friendship on Facebook is not as much about intimacy as about giving others a role in your identity “performances.”

    How Real Are You on Facebook?

    Carefully consider who you connect with on social media. Best friends and acquaintances alike contribute to your identity.

  • Curiosities

    Vasily Konovalenko’s Martin Luther King in Sapphire was sculpted from the world’s largest known black sapphire.

    Martin Luther King Jr., in Sapphire

    There are many ways to memorialize the immortal Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., the most famous and important civil rights leader of our time. Many, if not most, American cities have a street named after him. Scores of schools and buildings carry his name. Many parks and civic institutions have erected statues and monuments in his honor—such as a bronze statue recently raised in Denver’s City Park, near …