• Poetry

    A person, seen from the chest downward from underwater, sits on a white surf board in turquoise water.

    Surfing in Color

    A poet-anthropologist witnesses people of the African diaspora “riding waves across the surfable globe.”

  • Dwelling

    The sun hangs low over a wide, snowy field with trees, houses, cows, and a dog in the distance.

    The Sisters of Loretto Share a Kinship With the Earth

    An anthropologist looks to a religious community of women in rural Kentucky for scientifically informed lessons in land stewardship. Could they be a model for activists and policymakers to move beyond partisan approaches to climate change?

  • Excerpt

    Five photographs featuring people and rainforest landscapes have been taped to brown paper sitting against a beige background.

    Mourning Kin After the End of Cannibalism

    A Brazilian anthropologist reflects on the death of her adopted father, an Indigenous Wari' man from Amazonia, and what he taught her about mortuary cannibalism and other rituals of grieving.

  • Poetry

    A young protester with curly dark hair and wearing a black shirt raises their fist in front of a group of people holding signs.


    A poet-bioarchaeologist of the African diaspora spotlights the aims of protestors who rise up against anti-Black violence, injustice, and white supremacy.

  • Dwelling

    Brown and white horses graze on snow-covered grass in an open field under a white sky.

    We All Live on Permafrost

    Thawing permafrost isn’t just a problem facing the Arctic. An anthropologist who works with Indigenous communities in Siberia argues that the way to turn around climate catastrophe is by engaging all knowledge systems.

  • Poetry

    This profile shows a young protestor wearing a large, round, gold earring with a cutout of the African continent and two multicolored headwraps.

    The Voice of Diaspora

    A poet-archaeologist of the African diaspora encourages seeing the multiple meanings of identities and being open to interpretation.