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Animating Stories of Global Migration


  • Crossroads

  • Poetry

    A black sign with white letters is on the left beside a grove of tall trees and the moss-covered ruins of a building.

    When Asked if the World Would End They Answer No

    An Indigenous anthropologist-poet visits Woody Island in Alaska, formerly the site of the Kodiak Baptist Orphanage in the early 20th-century, where her great-grandfather lived before being sent to the Carlisle Indian School.

  • Poetry

    white feather floats on clear water with rocks at the bottom.


    An Indigenous anthropologist-poet searches for ancestors while acknowledging the need to adapt.

  • Poetry

    Four painted Russian dolls of different sizes lined up from largest to smallest frozen in a block of ice.

    Matryoshka Song

    An Indigenous anthropologist-poet speaks to the Russian colonization of Alaska from 1784–1867 and how stereotypes and histories shape the lives of Indigenous women.

  • Poetry

    A landscape image shows a blue sky with clouds over rocks leading out to water and mountains in the distance.

    Dressing Fish

    The Sugpiaq people in south-central Alaska have faced Russian colonialism, American assimilation policies, and Native American boarding school violence. A descendant and anthropologist-poet claims a radical presence in looking to the past and the future.

  • Human Rights

    A black-and-white portrait shows a woman in a white shirt with light hair against a white background.

    Kenyan Mothers Take on Police Violence

    In Nairobi, members of the Mothers of Victims and Survivors Network, who have lost family members to police violence, are turning their grief into determined activism.